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Netbook Choices: New, Refurbished or Used Netbooks.

New netbooks usually cost more than refurbished or used netbooks. The main benefit from a new netbook is that you're guaranteed that it will work (at least initially), since most new netbooks come with a warranty. However, this guarantee also means that the new netbook is more expensive than a refurbished or used netbook PC. Just how much more it will  cost to buy a new netbook varies depending on the features of the netbook and other pricing factors discussed below. So, while new netbooks are the most expensive option they are also the most secure.

If you are looking for the reliability associated with new netbook but don’t want to pay the full new price, then a refurbished netbook may be for you. These are netbooks that have been reconditioned and checked over by netbook manufacturers to fix minor problems. Generally, refurbished netbooks tend to use slightly older components. As a result of these factors, they are usually cheaper than a comparable new netbook. Also, they almost always come with a warranty, but these tend to be for shorter periods of time than those offered for new netbooks. Refurbished netbooks are a great option if you don’t need a top of the line computer, but still want some form of security that your netbook will work.
A third and perhaps a better option to consider is a used netbook. These are, generally speaking, by far the cheapest option. Essentially, buying a used netbook simply means that you buy a laptop that some one else has used before. Also, you generally have a much bigger range of netbook features to choose from since there is such a huge supply of them here. However, most used netbooks do not come with a much of a guarantee, or if they do usually no more than 30 days. Also, they sometimes don’t come with all the software you need installed and so this can be another added expense. Thus, while they are by far the cheapest netbook option there are a few things to watch out for. Our pc customers are usually thrilled with their purchases through our Amazon partners.
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